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Formby Museum

Peter Lucas - November 2009

The Museum was first opened in 1978 in the rear room of Formby Library, now the Reference Library. It filled almost all the space and highlights included objects and photographs of local interest that had been donated by local people and well wishers, but also some significant items on short term loan.

Over the years, it has proved difficult to organise frequent changes of the displays. Joy West, who looked after the displays for a number of years, was able to obtain some assistance from the Museum at the Botanic Gardens from time to time. Unfortunately, this depended very much on the enthusiasm of the frequently changing incumbents of that Museum and attitudes to security of the displays once they were at the Library.

Pressure for more space for the Reference section of the Library and increasing provision of computer terminals has now left us with just two display cases. Whilst these have their attributes, they also limit what can be displayed and the manner in which it can be shown.

If we are to be able to justify the retention of the space, the Civic Society needs to find more modern ways of attracting peoples’ attention to the items of historical interest we have in our collection and to the extension of it. There need to be much better ways of making it accessible for the amusement and education of our children and grandchildren.

We are seeking members and friends who may be able to help in finding new ways of presenting our collection and a safe secure place in which to keep those items not on display to prevent the from deterioration and becoming lost or mislaid.