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History Group Report - July 2014

Ravenmeols  project.

We are now entering the final phase of this four-year project and thought is now being given to the presentation of the information gained. There are two sides to the problem; first we have collected a great deal of disparate information ranging from its Viking origins to present-day development on the Firwood site. Secondly the best way of presenting relevant information.

The original concept was that we simply produce three or four folding leaflets in the traditional walkers guide format, link to (probably three) way-marked trails. This will mean that the information provided will have to be basic and simplified, easy to read and suitably illustrated with sketch maps and photographs. The community fund grant which we have obtained from Sefton  will allow a slightly more ambitious presentation via a dedicated website. The advantage of this will be the fact that it can evolve and develop over time. The final possibility might be the production of audio trails, that visitors can download from the website. Another possibility currently being discussed is the production of a booklet similar to the recent publication on the prehistoric footprints. Funding for this will have to be found.

Blue-plaque,  Freshfield House.

 This now seems a straightforward proposition. Design details have been clarified, the price of the plaque  promised, and the property owners very agreeable. All we need to do now is place the order and in consultation with the residents choose a date! We simply need to set the wheels turning and enjoy the occasion.

WW1 ‘Home front’ project.  

I have the names of 5 members, not including myself, interested in helping  with this project. Crosby library now have an improved (computerised!) microfilm reader which I have started to use myself. The local history librarians are being very helpful and I hope we can make an official start on this project very soon.

Local Heritage Listing.

The importance of this is being recognised nationally by Civic Voice. We have the guidelines and have already started. In addition there are some meetings offered and indeed a speaker. I personally made a start on this some time ago and I am sure we will get help from Sefton in putting ‘flesh on the bones’.

Heritage Open Day plans.

We have offered (to both English Heritage and Sefton Coast and Countryside) a local history walk at Formby Point (starting and finishing at Lifeboat Road car park) on Sunday 14th September. This will have a nautical safety theme being focused on ‘Tides, Beacons and Lifeboats’. We will be venturing into the intertidal zone and numbers will be limited.

R.A.Y 14.7.14