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History Group Report - April 2016

(Additional Items)

1.  Green Lane Conservation Area re-appraisal. Peter Lucas and I have had a useful meeting with Stephen Healy, Planning Officer, Sefton Council and have been provided with copies of the draft appraisal. More information is needed on the Historical aspects and we are helping provide a local perspective. A 'Consultation' meeting is to be arranged. It is not clear whether this would be a public meeting or just for our members.

The key focus areas are likely to be in relation to proposed boundary amendments, the history section, and the map detailing relative building age.

2.  Proposed Blue Plaque, 47 Ravenmeols Lane, in honour of Beryl Bainbridge. The owner has now readily given permission for the fixing of a Blue Plaque on his property 47 Ravenmeols Lane to commemorate it as the childhood home of Beryl Bainbridge. We can now go ahead and (if agreed) place an order for the creation of the plaque with the same firm we used for Freshfield House

Specification:- A "500mm diameter plaque cast with letters and border in relief with Times New Roman upper case letters. Background Blue 20c45 with white letters and border - or colours of our choice.

Keyhole plus two holes for wall mounting,

Supplied with brass dome headed screws painted to match

Price £258.00, carriage £15.00; Prices are excluding VAT. Delivery approximately 4 weeks.

If agreed this can be announced at the AGM and being the first in the country in her honour is sure to create interest for this popular author who included many nuanced references to Formby in her novels and last returned by invitation to speak, at Holy Trinity Church Hall some 20 years or so ago. Obviously she spent most of her adult life in London but no Blue Plaque can be put up there until the recipient has been dead for twenty years or more. Luckily this rule does not apply here.

R.A.Y. 26.4.16