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History Group Report November 2016

Our main achievement this year has been in the completion of our commitment to The Sefton Landscape Partnership to research and produce an easy to understand guide to the landscape history of Ravenmeols Sand Dunes Reserve . This project undertaken during the last four years has now resulted in an illustrated guide and the mapping, description and marking of Two ‘Heritage Trails’ kindly officially opened by Baroness Shirley Williams on 11th October. The final outcome will be the publication of  a 37 page booklet before the end of the year.

Although the aims of this project sound easy it has proved a challenge as the history of the area is so diffuse and largely unrecorded. It has however been one which I have very much enjoyed and for which I have been very grateful for information from numerous sources. Now condensing it into 37 pages will be a challenge!

As you already know the Trails were officially opened by Baroness Shirley Williams on Sunday 11th September. She had already explored one of the trails with me some time ago and had expressed great interest in the area and its history. I have been greatly encouraged by this sort of active interest and I was very grateful to her for being willing to come back to Formby to officially declare the trails open.

This coming year  will be the first time there has not been a Local History Programme of Meetings. I am sorry about this. It is not because of a lack of speakers but because (at my own suggestion) the two former programmes of General Meetings and History Group Meetings merged into a single programme. Last year General Meetings and Local History Meeting alternated but for this coming year there has been a change of policy and this pattern has been dropped.  I am not now at all sure whether we still need a History Group, or indeed a Local History Secretary.  We still hold a large collection of Local History Books and very many historical documents and records of one sort or another. For the present I am willing to continue  to look after these and in addition try to provide answers to the regular questions we get on local history topics.

For personal reasons I have now withdrawn from speaking to outside groups.

Reg Yorke 20/10/16