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Site of former Coast-Guard Look-out

Seabank House (former Father Berry’s Home)

The Bungalow

WW2 Rifle Range

The Briars

Black Poplar, P. n. ssp. Betulifolia

Sandhills Cottage

ROC Look-out remains

‘Cold War’ Nuclear Monitoring Post

The ‘Devil’s Hole’

Conifer ‘shelter belt’ (overcome by drifting sand)

Asparagus Cottage

‘The Avenue’

Junction of St Luke’s Church Rd. and Alexandra Rd


Site of Firwood House

The Firwood Stable. (‘Job’s Cottage’), now derelict

Firwood Cottage. was lived in by the estate gamekeeper; 1927–1937 Robert Eccles

1 and 2 Albert Road (Beach Lawn)

Mount Pleasant

Proposed Loop-line Station site

Everton Valley House (Valley House)

Stella Maris

Part of the Promenade still visible

‘The Avenue’