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Although I have not had very much feedback from participants I think the summer program has on the whole been successful with different events appealing to different members. The first of these was a guided visit to the National Trust’s newly established Asparagus Trail with Andrew Brockbank on 11 June, which was just in time to catch some freshly cut asparagus.

On Saturday 20th June we intended to celebrate Civic Day both with a display relating to the work of the society in the village and in the evening a guided visit to ‘Formby-by-the-Sea’- “the resort that never was”. Unfortunately due to very wet weather both events had to be abandoned. This is the second Civic Day to be affected this way and I suggest that in planning next year’s Civic Day event we anticipate rain and are prepared for it – with some sort of protection from the weather!

The proposed visit to Dunham Massey, 14th July also had to be abandoned because of poor bookings. This was a pity because of the special WW1 Military Hospital display which was arranged specifically for this year and received great plaudits. The problem here seems to have been that U3A also saw it as an attractive venue and many of our members went on the trips they arranged. I do hope the members booking payments  have now been returned?

The Waterloo walk on 23rd July led by to James Gentles went well thanks to a fine evening and  an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide. Although Waterloo is so close, our members found it very interesting to hear a little about the various well-known people who have lived there and how Waterloo developed.

Our visit during a fine evening on Thursday 20th of August to the Freshfield Dune Heath was led by Fiona Whitfield of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and was interesting and relaxing. Standing in the middle of flowering heather we could have been 100 miles from Merseyside in this now nationally rare habitat.

We had quite a good turnout to visit the Calder Stones with archaeologist Ron Cowell on the evening of Thursday 27th August. Ron gave us two hours expert  explanation and put the Calder Stones into context, explaining their archaeological significance and also relating them to similar sites in this country, Wales and Ireland. Speaking personally this was the first time I have looked closely at Stones since my school days, and was shocked by how ‘grimy’ they have become since then. It is now difficult to see the numerous prehistoric incised markings but fortunately Ron was able to show diagrams of what is now concealed by grime from traffic exhausts. It seems that the stones are soon to be removed again and their cleaning arranged.

The final event of the summer program was on Thursday 3rd September a well attended supper at the Cross House which provided an opportunity to discuss the Summer activities and look at some from our archives - showing how the Formby Civic Society has enjoyed itself in the past.

R.A.Y. 4.9.15

Summer Programme Report 2015